Lighten Up Your Living Room

Lighten Up Your Living Room

Q: How to make your living room comfortable and beautiful?
A: Lighten up with bright color is an easy and affordable way.

  • Create a Blank Canvas
    A bright room can serve as a gallery-like showplace for collections and antiques. If you have many like items, gather them together to read as sophisticated and special.

  • Shift Shades Between Rooms
    Using white in adjoining areas creates a cohesive effect that doesn’t disrupt the quiet visual of a white space. But having the same shade of white in every room could look sterile, so switch up your specific shades according to the lighting of the room and the ambience you wish to create.

  • Upgrade the Basics with White
    Upholstery in Bright color, like white and light doe, is essential if you want to create an overall bright look in a space. Achieve a luxe neutral look with bright color upholstery and decorative accents in a variety of light hues to add extra depth and dimension. Bright color just brings everything into focus. The eye shouldn’t pause for any single object.

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